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In my twenties, I completed a BA and Honours degree in Social Work from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. I have always had a passion for research and obtained my Master’s degree in my late twenties. The theme of my dissertation was: The emotional effect of divorce on South African men.

It was during this research that I became aware of how difficult it is to let go.

I have a passion for research and enrolled at the University of South Africa to complete a Honours degree in Psychology. Whilst in my forties I enrolled for a PhD at the University of Pretoria. The theme of my thesis was: Parents left behind in South Africa after the emigration of their adult children: an experiential journey.

This has indeed been a journey that has taught me valuable life lessons of which the following come to mind:

  1. To accept what is,
  2. To let go of what was, and;
  3. To have faith in what will be

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