Public Speaking

Public speaking on mental health and migration

With my specialisation in emigration and the ambiguous loss that comes with it, I’m available for any public speaking or workshop presentations around the topic.

  • The emotional effects of emigration of a loved one
  • Dealing with ambiguous loss
  • Managing long-distance relationships
  • Knowing and understanding the phases of emigration
  • Mentally preparing yourself for emigration
  • Dealing with ambiguous loss
  • Maintaining relationships with loved ones back home

I would love to collaborate with you at your next event or workshop focused on helping South Africans and their families better manage emigration from an emotional point of view.

Let me share my migration research with you

Reliable and up-to-date emigration data are generally hard to find. This is particularly true for the South African scenario (Höppli, 2014:4). The number of South Africans residing in 31 countries increased from 435 000 in 2000 to 820 000 in 2017, implying an average of 23,000 people leaving South Africa annually (Buckham, 2019).

This results in a growing generation of parents having to adapt their lives to include their children and grandchildren not living nearby and being part of a transnational family.

I am continuously and passionately researching emigration, especially in the South African context, and the effects on intergenerational relationships in families. I share this knowledge via articles, conferences and workshops to create awareness among the general public about this ever-increasing phenomenon.

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